How to wear a Serape or large wrap

A serape is one of the most dramatic, elegant - not to mention cosy and warm - of the shawl type of garment. The word 'Serape' originates from a type of outer garment - a kind of square or rectangular blanket - worn since at least the 1830s, usually by Mexican men, made from finely woven wool, with beautiful designs. Serapes were highly prized prestige items of clothing in Mexican society because of their fine weave, striking colors, and harmony of design. 

The garment  has been adopted and adapted since then by many other cultures and fashions - including us! 

There are several ways of wearing a serape (but no rules, so do whatever feels best for you!). We have made a little video here plus there are images below

1. Draped over both shoulders like a large shawl (here shown with both sides of the reversible serapes in our collections)



2. Draped over both shoulders an then one half thrown over the opposite shoulder to produce a wrap



3. Draped over both shoulders then one half folded back upon itself and hung over the shoulder on that side (this is great for double sided serapes, as shown)

4. As a glamorous hoodie or cape